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painting of baby owl]

 Baby Owl
  18x24 oil
  1973, unsigned

 (collection of Grace Kerr, Arcata, Calif.)

This is the first painting given to me by my father, when I was in the third grade.I had fallen in love with a photo of a baby owl from a kids' nature magazine, and he made a painting from it. He told me he chose to not sign it, as he considered it a painting just for the fun of it, and not a typical work of his that would ever be sold. I proudly brought it to school for show-and-tell.
I have always loved the owl's crossed eyes and the glow of moonlight.

-- Grace Kerr

Untitled Floral (Dahlias)
20x30 oil

(collection of David Ishmael, Tustin, Calif.)

Dave Ishmael tells about this painting:
"My grandfather, John "JD" Balfour, lived at 835 La Vista Drive
in Laguna Beach. My grandfather's hobby was his garden and many a dahlia or rose from that garden were painted by Vernon Kerr. I don't have a clue when I first met Vernon Kerr, but Iremember that he lived above my grandfather's house and I used to visit his studio andwatch him paint my grandfather's flowers and seascapes. I remember that I saw Vernon Kerr only once after he moved his studio to Laguna Canyon Road. My grandfather passed away in '75, and these two paintings are from his estate."

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[textural closeup][artist signature closeup]

[painting of dahlias]
[painting of pheasant]

 12x16 oil
 Late '70s-Early '80s

 (collection of Grace Kerr, Arcata, Calif.)


16x20 oil

(collection of Jean Malsbury)

This painting was sold to Jean's mother on
Feb. 9, 1969 by the artist in Laguna Beach, CA.
(Its price was $90 at the time.)

[painting of asters]
onions painting

16X20 oil
Late 1970s

Collection of Jerri Buzan Gay, Cookson, OK)

"Just happened to click on your website and was surprised to see a picture of Vernon standing by this painting I have hanging in my dining room. My father, Jerry Buzan [d. 1981], became friends with Vernon during the 70's and purchased many of his paintings and traded some of his turquoise jewelry for some. I own several of these paintings, but the one I love most is the painting of the Onions."

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Buffalo, wildlife
"Flower Child," portrait/landscape

5x7 oil
Early 1970s

Collection of Jerri Buzan Gay, Cookson, OK)

Jerri writes:
...My father, Jerry Buzan [d. 1981], became friends with Vernon during the 70's and purchased many of his paintings and traded some of his turquoise jewelry for some. I own several of these of my Dad's favorite paintings is a small buffalo standing alone on a cold starry night, it is technically a very good painting, and very unique in subject. ...
This is only a small part of our Vernon Kerr Collection,
but these are some of our favorites. "

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Buffalo in snow

Additional note from Grace Kerr about this painting:
A limited number of 5x7 prints were made of this small painting.
One is owned by my grandfather Red Cary. We don't know how many prints were made.
My father did a lot of study of horses and other wildlife
while living in Idaho from 1969-1972.

floralfloral close-up of sig and label

Above detail shows "Dymo" tape label and artist's signature.

Sweet Fragrance
20x30 oil
Mid-Late 1960s

Collection of Bob Hartman, Laguna Beach, Calif.)

My parents and I knew [Vernon] when he had his gallery here in
Laguna Beach. My parents owned the Laguna Concrete Products business out in the canyon. We purchased 3 paintings from your Dad which we still own. ... We very much appreciate your Dad's art and were very sad to learn of his death. ...

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Untitled Still Life

Collection of Ernie Pollock, Columbia, SC)

"I own two paintings by Vernon Kerr, [this] one of which is
perhaps my personal favorite in the collection I own."

Still Life with Pink roses and silver pitcher
Red Poppies

16x20 oil
Late '70s

Collection of Olivia Barrager, Ft. Bragg, Calif.)

Painting from estate of Vernon Kerr, given to Olivia by Grace Kerr

Peaches & Cream

Collection of Dave Wells

"My step-father and mother, James (also an artist) and Myrtle Stallings knew Vernon Kerr from Mendocino. They obtained a few of Vernon's works, including "Peaches and Cream", which I now own. I've had the painting for more than 10 years, and I've always considered it thoroughly beautiful. In spite of their own love for the piece, my parents gifted it to me after they noticed that I could not keep my eyes off it. I was completely awestruck by the intensity of the subject; the peaches are fuzzy, golden and ripe, the essence of perfection. You can almost taste the freshly sliced peach to the left of the pitcher as it invites the viewer to indulge. In sharp contrast to the fuzziness of the peaches, the pitcher has sharp, angular dimentions, and the cream inside is suggested by the shiny, milky white interior of the pitcher. The entire presentation suggests a deeply intuitive dimention to its creator. Your dad was a "California Original" and his great talent shines forth in this painting. My admiration for this piece continues to grow with each passing year.

Dave Wells

Below: Back of "Peaches & Cream"
showing artist's handwriting & Gallery label:

Reverse of painting with artist's handwriting

Blue pitches with four peaches and paring knife, draped with white cloth

Untitled: Dahlias
16 x 25 oil

Collection of Eleanor and Ed Rosenberg

We bought this painting at the Karavan Gift shop [Laguna Beach] in 1962. We were visiting with family in California and took a day trip to Laguna. This painting has been hanging in our living room since then. When we visit our family, we always spend time in Laguna Beach.

Ed Rosenberg

nude woman, view from back

untitled nude
11x14 oil

(Collection of  Don Koubek, Mendocino, Calif.)

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