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Vernon Lee Kerr1938-1982 • California Artist


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 Spin Off
  24x36 oil
  Late 1970s-'81

 (collection of Grace Kerr, Arcata, Calif.)

Mendocino coast locale.

Hidden Soul
12x24 oil

(collection of Grace Kerr, Arcata, Calif.)

Mendocino coast locale.

  [photo of Hidden Soul]
[photo of painting laguna Beach]  

Laguna Beach
24x36 oil
Mid-late 1970s

(Collection of Ward Angles, Arcata, Calif.)

Life's Eternal Forces
36x48 oil
Early-Mid 1970s

(Formerly in collection of Artist's mother
Mary Kerr, Santa Maria, Calif.
Bequeathed to Rosicrucian Society in Feb. 2000)

This seascape was painted from the imagination of the artist.

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[photo of Secret of Tranquility]  

Secret of Tranquility
16x20 oil
Mid-late 1970s

(collection of Olivia Barrager, Ft. Bragg, Calif.)

 Untitled Seascape

20x30 oil

(collection of David Ishmael, Tustin, Calif.)
Dave Ishmael tells about this painting:
"My grandfather, John "JD" Balfour, lived at 835 La Vista Drive in Laguna Beach. My grandfather's hobby was his garden and many a dahlia or rose from that garden were painted by Vernon Kerr. I don't have a clue when I first met Vernon Kerr, but I remember that he lived above my grandfather's house and I used to visit his studio andwatch him paint my grandfather's flowers and seascapes. I remember that I saw Vernon Kerr only once after he moved his studio to Laguna Canyon Road. My grandfather passed away in '75, and these two paintings are from his estate."

See the DAHLIA painting on the Vernon Kerr Still Life & Florals page

   [photo of seascape]
[Moonlit Shore]

Moonlit Shore
24x36 oil
Early 1960s

(Collection of Russell Taliaferro, Escondido, Calif.)
Purchased in Laguna Beach, Calif.

[back of Moonlit Shore]
Signature on back of painting

Untitled Seascape

Early 1960s

Collection of Jay and Mary Linda Strotkamp

This painting was a wedding present to the Strotkamps from their
Laguna Beach High School classmate and friend,Sue Dewey, who recalled:
"My folks bought the Kerr for my Aunt Kathryn who lived in Colorado
on a large cattle ranch she owned, but she had formerly lived in Hawaii.
They wanted her to not forget the ocean..., and thought Vernon's work
was superior to anything they found at the time. When Aunt Katy died
the piece came back to us, and eventually to me...and now
to you [the Strotkamps]. I'm so glad you enjoy it, and I know the
painting is so happy to be back with people who
love Laguna and the magnificent ocean."

.The Strotkamps say: "His art lives on and each day when we see it
we are amazed at how we never ever tire of it, and find aspects
we hadn't seen before...a characteristic of truly fine art.
...[Vernon Kerr] and an earlier Laguna artist Frank Cuprien
both painted these wonderful seascapes that show the warm
colors of sunsets as they reflect on the water, rocks and wet sand.
And when we are watching a sunset and see a certain color and/or intensity
reflected in the ocean we say "There's Frank (or Vernon) saying hello to us. ..."

Oregon Coast

24x47 oil


Collection of Chuck Field, Bainbridge Island, Wash.

 Signature of artist

Sea Dunes
& Composite
18x24 oil
Late 1970s

(collection of Grace Kerr,
Arcata, Calif.)

This painting, with this step-by-step composite, appears in the art method book, "How Vernon Kerr Paints Seascapes & Landscapes,"
Walter Foster Publisher, No. 183.
It can be purchased on the
Walter Foster website.

(search "Vernon Kerr")

The artist's comments on this painting, from the book:
"The mood of tranquility created in the foreground of this painting was more
important to me than a breaking wave. The grasses are swaying in the wind.
The driftwood is half-buring in the sand (notice the soft edges.) The plants
send runners in a rhythmic pattern across the dunes. Seagulls drift in the
breeze. Smell the salt air? Feel the sun on your back? Now you're getting it!"
-  -  -
(Location of this scene is likely the dunes off the "Haul Road" in Fort Bragg/Cleone,
California, toward MacKerricher State Park. He used to drive his old motorhome on the
road, and find a place to stop and paint. -- Grace)

Splendid Salute
14x16 oil
Late 1970s

(collection of Grace Kerr, Arcata, Calif.)

Mendocino coast locale. I love this painting because of its dramatic simplicity.
For such a small painting, it is so powerful. I can almost hear the crash
as this wave slams up against the unseen cliffside. The intense blue of
the sea is exactly as it is off the coast of Mendocino, where my father lived.

   --Grace Kerr

Lunar Sea backLunar Sea
24x48 oil on canvas
Early 1960s

(collection of Bert & Jeanine Hart
Mountain Lake Properties
Big Bear Lake, Calif.)

From Bert Hart:
"... I I'm a great fan of Vernon Kerr, and am fortunate enough to own one
of his originals which has been in our family since the early 60's.
It [was]... painted in Laguna Beach. I was 10 or 11 yrs old when we got the
painting and even now 40 years later, I still enjoy it each day.
[Vernon Kerr] made me an art lover."

(Above photo, notation on back of painting, in artist's handwriting)

Lunar Sea painting

Below, closeup of artist's signature on this painting


Time & Tide
24x48 oil on canvas

Stella Donaldson was the original owner of this painting. She purchased the seascape in 1963 for $375 at Karavan Gifts and Gallery in Laguna Beach. She kept the original purchase receipt and the artist's brochure, which her grandson Jerry Kopec inherited along with the painting. The painting was sold in 2010.

Untitled Seascape
Late 1970s

(Collection of Doug and Janet Pritchard, Stillwater, MN)

Mr. Pritchard writes:
"Mr Kerr was on vacation and we met him at the Wild Horse Dude Ranch
(about 15 miles north west of Tucson, AZ near Marana & Cortero) ...
we loved the paintings and bought several. ..."

Untitled Seascape
14x18 oil

(collection of Kurt Kasten)

Kurt recently purchased this painting while vacationing in Hawaii.

Untitled Seascape
24x48 oil
Early 1960s

Collection of Bob Hartman, Laguna Beach, Calif.)

"My parents and I knew [Vernon] when he had his gallery here in
Laguna Beach. My parents owned the Laguna Concrete Products business out in the canyon. We purchased 3 paintings from your Dad which we still own. ... [This seascape] is not titled. It looks like a Northern California seascape....
We very much appreciate your Dad's art..."

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seascapeback of painting

Vernon's Passion
11x16 oil

(collection of Debi, Seattle, WA)

Debi received this painting as a wedding gift.

At right , the back of the painting, in handwriting of artist's former wife.


Untitled Seascape
24x48 oil
Late 1970s

Collection of Jerri Buzan Gay, Cookson, OK)

Jerri writes:
pic of bolo tie"
...My father, Jerry Buzan [d. 1981], became friends with Vernon during the 70's and purchased many of his paintings and traded some of his turquoise jewelry for some. I own several of these paintings...Do you have the belt buckle that my Dad made in the shape of a palette? That was designed by my Dad and Vernon together. My Mom and Dad came up to his home as guests and they designed it at that time... This is only a small part of our Vernon Kerr Collection, but these are some of our favorites. "

I do have the bolo tie from the set with the belt buckle she mentioned. Here's a picture showing this unique design, at left. I later got the belt buckle after my grandfather died. My dad had given it to him.-- Grace Kerr

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Refracted Glory seascape

Artist's handwriting on back of this work at right:

Refracted Glory
20x40 oil
Early 1960s

(Collection of Richard Reigel, resident of Laguna Beach since 1962)

back of painting

14x18 oil
Early 1960s

(Collection of Richard Reigel, resident of Laguna Beach since 1962)


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